Our Story

Seth Michael Nemeroff

Seth Nemeroff with his familySeth was born March 7, 1989 and passed away at the young age of 26. He was genuinely one of the most caring people one would ever meet. He was very passionate about his family, friends, basketball, and music.When he was young, he was told by a music teacher that he needed to choose between basketball and learning music because of the time he would have needed to devote. At the time, he was young and choose basketball. Years later, he picked up the guitar and loved it. He practiced every day by himself & with friends. When Seth passed away his family chose to bury his guitar with him after each member of the family had signed it.

Seth had a huge problem fitting in as he got older because of anxiety. The depression stemming from all of this only made it harder to make friends. He first entered rehab at the Princeton House and this is where the long road to drug addiction began through prescribed medications. He was prescribed drugs such as Klonopin and Xanax that he eventually became addicted to. Like most teens, Seth thought smoking marijuana was safe, which combined with the prescription drugs, created an even worse situation. He then entered rehab in Florida and like so many others, had to go back multiple times which eventually ending with his last stint at the Seabrook house in New Jersey.

When he got released about 10 months prior to his passing away, the family thought his medication was finally figured out and Seth became more stable and able to start living a happy life. It seemed as if his life was finally turning around because this was the happiest he had ever been. He started working at Tir Na Nog where he met many new friends that became like a second family to him.  Even after Seth’s passing, he is mourned by all who met him. This long spiral did not start because of a bad decision; rather, it was a series of incidents that were originally designed to help. Seth’s life is an example of the importance of increasing awareness for teens and families on how the slide to addiction can occur through prescription and recreational drugs.

Seth’s life eventually ended on December 9, 2015.